There are many ways that you can use your skills and your passion to help MORC provide amazing opportunities to ride and enjoy unique trails in the Twin Cities Metro. If you're interested in volunteering, please connect with us to learn of current or upcoming opportunities.

 Events Committee

  • Responsible for all MORC events logistics and planning, including scheduling, transportation, booth set up/tear down, supplies and working with other Committees to coordinate materials and volunteers.
  • Special Events Committee is responsible for planning annual events for MORC, including the Annual Fundraising Gala and the Annual Trails Fest & Volunteer Appreciation Party.

Finance Committee

  • Responsible for providing financial oversight for the organization, create and monitor internal controls and accountability policies. Tasks include budgeting, financial planning and forecasting, internal and compliance reporting.

Marketing Committee

  • Responsible for fostering awareness of MORC by delivering a message that resonates with the community to raise money in support of our Mission Statement and works closely with Finance. Responsible for the monthly newsletter.

Membership Committee

  • Responsible for recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of MORC members and volunteers to support the community. Tasks include database management, member communications and membership drives.

Technology Committee

  • Responsible for technology investments, strategy, operational performance and technology trends that may affect current resources. Works with Marketing for website maintenance & upkeep.

Trails & Parks Committee

  • Responsible for communicating and working with our Trail Partners (Land Managers, Dirt Bosses and Trail Stewards, volunteers and ridership) to ensure proper trail upkeep and expansion to industry standards.

Volunteers Committee

  • Responsible for working with other Committees to organize volunteers at MORC events and trail work days.

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