MORC/IMBA Chapter Relationship Update

Dear MORC Members:

Happy 2017! With the new year comes opportunity for growth and improvement as we plan for the year ahead. As you’re likely aware, this year comes with some additional change as we review the relationship between MORC and IMBA.

You’ll find details within the recently published “ MORC/IMBA FAQ ” page which should provide some answers as to how we arrived at the decision to terminate the current Chapter Charter Agreement. IMBA is working to create a new “Chapter 2.0” program; however, to date, has not provided MORC with a proposal as to what the new terms and conditions will be under the new agreement.

MORC believes in the mission of IMBA, and plans to become a “Supporting Organization” with an annual donation in support of mountain bike advocacy at the regional and national level.

As of February 1st, MORC is once again a fully independent nonprofit corporation, for the first time since 2010! With this recent restructuring, we have made 2 major changes:
-First, the Technology Committee has developed a new MORC Membership Database. We are excited to announce that an updated website will be launched on March 1st, which will integrate our new database and present the opportunity for supporters to become a MORC member.
-Second, as previously announced, MORC has hired Matt Andrews as our full-time Executive Director, effective Feb 1, 2017.

Again, please visit the “ MORC/IMBA FAQ ” page for more details. Additional questions may be submitted to

My sincere thanks for being a part of MORC. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to 2017 being a year of exciting and positive change!
-Anne Clark, MORC President