Give the Gift of Grooming!

The Gift of Groomed Trails!

As the days become shorter we’d like to take the time to reflect upon the year so far, and look ahead to the season to come.

What have you done for me lately?’ This is the question every membership based non-profit should be ready to answer in a single breath. Beyond the established 100-miles of singletrack providing outdoor recreation access for thousands of park users- this year MORC has added 8 NEW miles of trail, implemented a membership packet for all new/renewing members, and continues to advocate for and support numerous initiatives to provide greater outdoor access right in Minneapolis and Twin Cities Metro.

Including direct investment and volunteer hours, more than $1,000,000 has been invested in oyur local trails since 2016. Half of MORC’s annual revenue comes from individuals via membership, donations, and from our annual fundraising events.

MORC’s mission of ‘Gaining and Maintaining Trails’ simply can’t happen without the support of our community- you fuel our mission, as well as our machines/equipment. Speaking of which, this season MORC will deploy 3 brand new SnowDog Groomers to Lebanon Hills, Carver Lake, and Murphy Hanrehan.

These machines will be outfitted with custom snow grooming implements, and slightly modified by local welders to provide improved stability and control for use in off-camber sections, power through grade reversals, and bank the berms and inslope turns.

This year, we’ve a goal of raising $12,000 in additional support to cover the cost of these new machines.

Please consider making a tax-deductible end of year donation in support of your local trails.

Help us reach our $12,000 goal and take advantage of this generous matching offer by giving today at:
Or avoid processing fees by sending a check to: PO Box 19520, MPLS MN 55419

New to Winter trail riding, or just want a reminder of what’s soon to come?! Check out the fatbiking segment from our friends at Prairie Sportsman Outdoors: ideo/fat-tire-fun-gezcaz/

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