EOY Giving

Winter is (Finally) Here-
And what an incredible year it’s been!

  • Over 1,000 Members! We exited the now discontinued IMBA Chapter Program, allowing us to keep 100% of member dues local, and facilitating membership growth.
  • Over 5,000 Volunteer hours! We saw outstanding work accomplished by our network of 100+ volunteers; over 10% of our membership are active volunteers.
  • Over $700,000 has been contributed to MORC trails since 2016.

Looking to the future, many opportunities exist for MORC to expand our reach and provide greater trail access to underserved communities throughout the metro. In the past year alone, MORC has been involved with supporting the establishment of, or improvement to, 9 new trail systems not currently within the MORC ‘Family of Trails’.

Unlike a traditional business however, we do not sell our services in order to fuel our growth. We instead rely on the financial support of our community in order to both maintain what we already have, and to meet current demands for expansion. If you ride the trails, and you’d like to see more riding opportunities developed throughout the Twin Cities metro, we need your support!

We are truly fortunate to have such incredible access to trails, and it is thanks to our community of supporting members, contributing partners, and dedicated volunteers. Without you, this simply would not be possible.

Wishing you a happy new year, with gratitude,
-Matt Andrews
MORC Executive Director


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