MORC/IMBA Chapter Relationship Update

Dear MORC Members:

Happy 2017! With the new year comes opportunity for growth and improvement as we plan for the year ahead. As you’re likely aware, this year comes with some additional change as we review the relationship between MORC and IMBA.

You’ll find details within the recently published “ MORC/IMBA FAQ ” page which should provide some answers as to how we arrived at the decision to terminate the current Chapter Charter Agreement. IMBA is working to create a new “Chapter 2.0” program; however, to date, has not provided MORC with a proposal as to what the new terms and conditions will be under the new agreement.

MORC believes in the mission of IMBA, and plans to become a “Supporting Organization” with an annual donation in support of mountain bike advocacy at the regional and national level.

As of February 1st, MORC is once again a fully independent nonprofit corporation, for the first time since 2010! With this recent restructuring, we have made 2 major changes:
-First, the Technology Committee has developed a new MORC Membership Database. We are excited to announce that an updated website will be launched on March 1st, which will integrate our new database and present the opportunity for supporters to become a MORC member.
-Second, as previously announced, MORC has hired Matt Andrews as our full-time Executive Director, effective Feb 1, 2017.

Again, please visit the “ MORC/IMBA FAQ ” page for more details. Additional questions may be submitted to

My sincere thanks for being a part of MORC. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to 2017 being a year of exciting and positive change!
-Anne Clark, MORC President


Why is MORC moving away from IMBA?

On December 1st IMBA announced the terms of our current Chapter Charter Agreement (which provides 60% of member dues to IMBA) would be changing.

On December 3rd, having received no solidified details or proposals on what the new Agreement would entail,  MORC made the decision to provide IMBA the required 60-day notice to terminate our Chapter Charter Agreement, and await the newly proposed “Chapter 2.0” Agreement. This means that as of February 1st MORC is once again an independent nonprofit organization, and will no longer receive membership database management and customer service from IMBA- however, 100% of member dues will remain with MORC to support our Twin Cities trail systems.

To date, February 3rd, MORC has not received a newly proposed Chapter Charter Agreement from IMBA.

Is MORC moving away all together (or staying as a Supporting Organization, just not a Chapter)?

MORC is exploring financially sustainable options to continue supporting IMBA, and the important efforts conducted on a national and regional level.

What does this mean for my current IMBA membership?

As of February 1st 2017, MORC and IMBA memberships will be completely separate. Dues paid prior to this date will be shared between IMBA and MORC (60/40%) and you will remain a member of both organizations until your expiration date, 1-year from membership start/renewal.

On March 1st 2017, MORC will launch a new website complete with an integrated membership database. MORC members will be encouraged to join MORC as an independent nonprofit, where 100% of member dues will remain local and support our Twin Cities trail systems.

Those wishing to support both IMBA and MORC via annual membership will need to join each organization separately. This will allow IMBA members to support another existing Chapter in which to share their membership dues.

How will my local trails benefit?

As of March 1st 2017, all member dues will remain with MORC (vs the previous 60/40% split shared with IMBA). Meaning all community support will stay local, and be applied towards our favorite Twin Cities trails!

Does this change the trail building standards that MORC will follow?

MORC, and the land managing agencies we partner with, will continue to design and implement trails built to sustainable standards recognized by professional trail contractors nationwide.

How do I become a MORC member?

Beginning March 1st 2017, supporters may visit for membership information.

What do my contributions to MORC go towards?

Contributions to MORC, whether via membership or separate tax-deductible donation, directly support our organizational mission by funding technological and educational resources, a robust insurance policy to protect our volunteers and facilitate agreements with our Land Managing agency partners, full-time staff to oversee our operations and advocate for trail development and expansion, and direct investment into trail infrastructure.  Every dollar of your contribution is effectively used for ‘Gaining and Maintaining’ the local trails we all love to ride.