Important IMBA/MORC Announcements

Dear MORC Members:

On Thursday, December 1st, IMBA announced they would be drastically cutting back funding for their staffed Regional positions. It was announced that all shared Associate Regional Directors would be laid off effective Jan 31, 2017- and this directly affects MORC’s Executive Director, Matt Andrews. IMBA also announced that the current Chapter Agreement would be restructured prior to January 31st, which includes the current 60/40 split in IMBA/MORC membership dues (MORC gets the 40%).

While this news might seem shocking, the MORC Executive Committee has been planning for this scenario for several months.

The MORC Board of Directors held it’s 2017 Annual Strategic Planning Meeting on Saturday, December 3rd. In light of IMBAs announcement, 3 votes were called that will impact MORC’s priorities for 2017.

Vote 1: (Passed) Prior to Jan 31st, MORC will enter into negotiations with IMBA about reaching a new chapter agreement. We don’t know what that will look like and neither does IMBA, and in their words “everything is on the table.” We would like an annual, fee-based arrangement that compensates IMBA for what they provide to MORC and supports mountain biking at the national level.

Vote 2: (Passed): MORC will continue to employ a full-time Executive Director as a paid position. MORC will assume full responsibility for this position effective February 1, 2017.

Vote 3 (Passed): MORC will extend an employment offer to our current Executive Director, Matt Andrews.

You might be asking, should I Renew My MORC/IMBA Membership?

Because we don’t yet know what IMBA’s chapter program will look like or where your membership dollars will be going (and we think you deserve to know that), you may consider waiting to renew your membership until this is sorted out. Memberships that are renewed prior to January 31st will likely be subject to the current 60/40 split with IMBA.

We will be sharing more details about MORCs plan for 2017 as they are available.

Thank you for being part of MORC, and for your continued support.

-Anne Clark, MORC Chair