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Thread: Good trail for first time with the dog?

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    I oftentimes use the doubletrack loop (and sometimes some of the singletrack) at Manitou in Monticello for bikejoring and riding with my sled dog. I almost gurarantee you will not run into another rider. My dog has a tendency to sometimes get aggressive with other dogs, which is not a good thing with a 120lb Malamute, so I have to stick to the less trodden trails like yourself.

    It's kind of overgrown right now, but the doubletrack loop isn't too bad, and you should be able to find your way around that. Check it out!

    One other thing I'll add is that if you are simply concerned about your dog chasing things or running off, consider doing the bikejor thing. You can do it with any dog (some just need pedal assistance). All you really need is a harness for the dog, a line, and a belt. I get my stuff from this place, which is in New Germany MN:


    For the line and belt, see ths page: http://www.blackicedogsledding.com/page10.html

    Just get the standard hip belt for bikejoring. The deluxe seatbelt is nice for skijoring, but doesn't work as well for bikejoring.

    I plan on checking out Salem sometime with the dog, but I'll be keeping her on the towline around there.

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    I think I read somewhere once that it is hard on a dog to run too much really young, like before a year, I thought. So you might want to do some research on that if you haven't. A short bike ride can be a pretty long run.

    Like Ryan said Salem is good. Lots of ticks though, so watch for that there.

    Have fun dogs are great friends.

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    Levis Trow.....but you might not ever see him again. You could wear him out on the ski trails, and then upgrade him to the singletrack if he minds his manners. Its where we take our dingo.

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    The River Bottoms would be a great place too.

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    I think the only trail you can legally have dogs on in the metro is Salem Hills. You will also encounter less riders there making a better spot for riding with dogs.

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    Good trail for first time with the dog?

    I want to start training my younger dog to ride the trails with me, any suggestions on where to start? He's pretty well behaved but likely to chase something until he gets the hang of it and I don't want him getting in anyone's way (other than mine) so someplace quiet and more open would be nice. Should probably be dog-friendly as well...



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