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Thread: March MORC Board Meeting Mintues

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    Really helpful to have such detailed minutes, Saundra. Thanks for doing it.
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    March MORC Board Meeting Mintues

    March MORC Board Meeting Mintues
    REI Bloomington

    Board Attendees: Reed Smidt, Ryan Lieske, Susannah King, Saundra Riha, Brandon Charboneau, Mark Gavin, Pete Ryan, Chris Anderson, Amanda Scholz

    Drew Klees – Patrol Director
    Bob Shepard – Trails and Tools Director

    Other Attendees: Brain Brovi

    Treasurer’s Report:
    • Budget sheets were handed out
    • Not spending to much yet
    • Some money was spent on marketing, flags and handouts
    • Salsa send $1000 for an ad, money hasn’t showed up on the books yet.
    • $3000 came on from IMBA for memberships
    • Salsa 24 check came in for last year
    • Frost Bike donations have been added to the books
    • Anchor Bank account is still open, looking to close it soon. Wait until April
    • Ryan motioned to approve the financial report, Susannah seconded. Vote: unanimous yes
    President’s Report:
    • Map handouts are needed/wanted. Some trails have map handouts and some don’t, try to get maps for the trails that don’t. They are good to have at events and help draw people to the booth
    • Map of where the trails are is printed in the tri-fold and is almost ready to print
    • Need to get .pdf files from the trails for the maps. Could use phones or GPS devices to get the data to make a map.
    • Have a map of a trail and have MORC’s web address at the bottom so people know where they can look things up.
    • Salem is on Google Maps and could have the map some how be taken off of there.
    • Worker t-shirts have the design ready to go to print just need the volunteer part to be put on the back. Probably go with the same vendor. Shirt will be green with “Trail Crew” on the shirt
    • Dirt Boss shirts will be the same design as the volunteer shirts just a different color to keep them simple. Sizes and color to be determined yet
    • Tech Team had the site designer back out of the project because of other work coming up.
    • Membership stickers are needed. People keep asking for the window stickers, need to find the design file
    • Of the Year awards for 2011 should be posted on the forums. Some awards still need to be handed out.
    • Pro-memberships are being looked into. Plan is to join the Not for Profit Council and the Bike Alliance. There are a lot of good resources there and would be good starts to partnerships. Keep MN trials council on the radar as well
    • Ryan proposes to become members of the Bike Alliance and the Not for Profit Council, Reed and Mark seconded the proposal. Vote: Unanimous yes
    • The display banners are done and look great. Easy to put up and take down. They are in the storage locker.
    • Volunteer Discounts is still being looked into. Could be more work than what it is worth. Volunteer hours need to be tracked better. Post position on forums for a Volunteer Coordinator or have volunteers keep track of their own hours to get approved by a dirt boss
    • Trail Steward meeing/monthly report to happen in the future. Need to report on budgets, what’s going on, trail conditions, volunteer hours and upgrades. Have a form for Trail Stewards or Dirt Bosses to fill out each month to make it easier and have it due a week or two before the board meeting so the reports could be looked over and questions could be asked.
    • Event insurance has been taken care of
    • NorthFace has a grant out and Cuyuna is applying for it to build a pump track in the area. Carver/Woodbury might go for it also but would need to go through MORC. The grant is for programming
    • MAMB is working on a proposal for a trail at 7 mile and is using the proposal that MORC/MOCA did for Theo. The proposal needs a little work but is on its way. The key thing is to make sure that the city knows that MAMB will be building and maintaining the trail not MORC.
    • There have been a lot of trail proposals coming in lately
    • Cuyuna cut a little more out of their budget. The DNR is not going to allow them to put up donation boxes
    • GoPro cameras will give MORC a 40% discount on cameras and 20% discount for accessories for up to two cameras and unlimited accessories. The cameras will be traveling cameras. It was discussed to keep both cameras together and in good cases to protect them while they are being transported. Cuyuna requested them but other trails could benefit from using them. A timeline should be created so that one trail doesn’t take the cameras and just sit on them. Two would be $360 with about $75 for accessories apiece. Looking to get extra batteries and chest mount accessories.
    • An employee of Target contacted MORC and was wondering if they could hold a trail clean up with MORC. Looking to organize an event sometime in May. It sounds like it would be pretty much a trail day where they supply most of the volunteers and would just need someone to show them around. Start out with one day and see how it goes from there.
    • A woman contacted MORC about having a Weather Blog on the site that she would keep updated. Reed and Ryan will set up a meeting with her.
    • REI would like to move the April meeting upstairs
    • Trying to solicit stuff, sending emails out. Some things might be coming back to the P.O. Box.
    • Working with Russ on Have Fun Biking stuff
    • Look into selling spots on the web page
    • The sponsor page is somewhat updated
    • MORC needs merchandise to sell. Things need to be printed. Jerseys and other things need to get worked on because many people are asking. Looking for a flexible jersey vendor that also does tech tees
    • Event committee has a meeting March 22nd at Twin Six
    • The Whiteout had 60 riders and 29 were reregistered. The event made about $2000 and filled the Legion with the pasta feed. About 55 people showed up for it. Still working on the report but the event was very successful. Might add snowshoe events for next year. All the talk about the event was good.
    • The Festival is moving ahead. Working out sponsorship guidelines. Registration should open soon. Going to be a one-day event this year. Still planning to bring in a Pro Rider.
    • PowderHorn 2012 is a Boy Scout training course. They are looking to add mountain biking to interest the older teens and adults. Have someone there to lead a group. Also hosting and outdoor expo that MORC could attend on August 5th to talk about mountain biking. Might get someone from the forums to volunteer
    • Dakota County is asking for ideas for a Grand Reopening of Lebanon on October 7th and how much MORC would want to be involved. Summit could be added to this event. MORC is really interested.
    • Rusty Ride has 17 registered riders so far and the next step is to lay out the course
    • Always looking for stories for the newsletter.

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