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Thread: Brownie Lake open houses

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    "there was passion for and against mountain biking"
    I reviewed the comments on the MPRB website and there was an overwhelming percentage of users wanting off road trails rebuilt on the site. Also, it is very true that the NIMBY's and bike haters are going to fight every step in the process. In all my years of riding Brownie (even before the redo), I have NEVER seen a walker on the sideslope of that area.
    There's nothing natural about an off-road bike trail.

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    Brownie Lake Open House Feedback

    All three possible plans have a mountain bike trail on the west side of Brownie Lake. In talking with the consultant, he relayed to me that there was passion for and against mountain biking. This photo isn't laid out correctly, but the bottom is the west side of Brownie Lake and you might be able to pick out the trail there. Access would only be from the north side of the lake. The blue lines across the lake are cross country ski lanes. Click image for larger version

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    Brownie Lake open houses

    Quote Originally Posted by MPRB
    The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) will hold two open houses to review recommendations for the Brownie Lake Area Plan. They will be held January 17 and February 14, both from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Kenwood Community Center, 2101 W Franklin Ave.

    The MPRB has been working with a Citizen Advisory Committee CAC) to develop recommendations that will be forwarded to the Board of Commissioners in March. The open houses will provide the public with an opportunity to comment on these recommendations.

    The first open house will present possible options for the area plan for comment. Ideas and suggestions gathered at the workshop regarding these alternatives will guide the CAC, park staff, and consultants, in developing the preferred option. The preferred option will then be presented for review and discussion at the second open house. Once the area plan has been approved by the board, it will provide direction for improvements around the lake.
    If you have opinions about the future of Brownie Lake, this is your opportunity to share them with the decision makers. The master plan created from these open houses will determine acceptable recreational use of Brownie Lake and its surroundings for the foreseeable future.

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