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Thread: WANTED: 1 1/4 inch stem/rigid fork

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    You can get an adapter to reduce the size of the headset. That way you could run any 1 1/8" fork you want. It might be easier in the long run to go this way. Here you go:


    (I'm not advocating that you use PricePoint. I would much rather you visit your local bike shop for the actual purchase. I simply provided the above link to demonstrate that there might be an economical solution. )

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    WANTED: 1 1/4 inch stem/rigid fork

    My singlespeed is a late '90s Gary Fisher Mt. Tam frame. Apparently, Fisher used to be one of the only companies that made 1 1/4 inch steer tubes, so all those 1 1/8 inch stems and forks out there don't work for me at all.

    Priority #1: I'd like to get a much more-substantial stem for this bike. The one on it right now has one bolt for holding the bars and one bolt to hold it onto the fork! Kinda cheesy. I'm waiting for it to snap in 2.

    Priority #2: A rigid fork would be fun to play around with on this bike, just 'cause I'd like to see how light I could make my new SS toy.

    I got it used from GeneO's shop, and I imagine I could go hunting in his basement for these items, but if anybody's got some old parts taking up space in the basement/garage/storage unit, I could maybe help ya out.

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